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All of the guitars I have bought so far have come from Aliexpress and were from four sellers. There were Japanese counterfeit guitars in the 1960.s which is how Ibanez got its start. I do not condone the sale and resale of FAKE Gibsons, I aquired this cheaply through a trade. This is still not a recommendation for this seller or any Chinese seller as quality controls cannot be guaranteed. Fender and Jackson have also sued ESP over guitars that looked too much like their patented designs. The dealer I bought the guitar from barely can do set ups in his store, gibson les paul copy send all their repair work out. Super copies are generally knockoffs of designer products whose quality is high enough to regularly fool employees of the companies they're ripping off.

Sure it'll probably have not so good hardware and electronics, but for the price of the fake guitar, some new hardware, a good set of pickups, and the rest of the electronics, you'd still spend less money than if you went with the low end Gibsons and you'd end up with a guitar that is pretty effing cool.

Marvin Clark, one of Marshall's Trademark Enforcement Section investigators, arrested a counterfeit guitar seller in June for selling fake Gibson Les Paul guitars out of his home. I just learned that Gibson Guitar will soon be returning to an industrial heartland, but in China's Northeast Liaoning Province this time. I just purchased a vintage white Gibson Les Paul Custom replica for $248.42 shipped to my door. As you can see, Chinese Les Paul / Gibson inspired guitars sell very well, even better than Fender style guitars , the best selling ones having thousands of sales. Indeed, the Gibson website brags, if you dig deep enough, about how it trained Chinese laborers to make cheaper Gibson models under the brand name Epiphone.

I had also thought about solving the string length problem by installing Kluson locking tuners, but really wanted to keep the stock vintage look on this guitar. I present these articles in the spirit of educating the customers and I mean no direct insult to the people who may or may not have already spent a ton of money on what they thought was an exceptionally good guitar. You can use your Facebook account in the first comment area below or you can leave a reply in the comment area of this page further below. I now understand why the binding on the unfinished guitars was so lousy… You're just supposed spray right over it. The sticker that passes for the Gibson inlay is kind of pretty though and they've gotten better at forging Les Paul's signature. Just received a fake Les Paul for set up and they've changed the binding to look like the real thing. Plus, gigging with a $400 guitar is a lot less nerve wracking than gigging with a $3000 guitar.

gibson les paul fake

The Gibson Les Paul Studio '50s Tribute 2016 T has a traditional Les Paul mahogany body with a grain texured, satin finish maple top, as well as a mahogany neck with a '50s profile and a 22-fret rosewood fingerboard. All are native speakers of Mandarin Chinese spoken in Taiwan and use Mandarin Chinese daily (percent of Chinese use: 50-100%).” Although in principle a non-laboratory setting does not necessarily lead to bias (in fact, in some cases there is no choice but to conduct the study outside a laboratory), it is nevertheless worth repeating the experiment in a laboratory setting.

The ethical dimension of Chinese made guitars has been discussed many times on OSG, you might not care but others do. It's your conscience. You buying that guitar plays a small part in someone else buying a guitar and thinking it's a Gibson. The prices were very reasonable at the time for one of these guitars and they have not gone up. For a reasonable guitar you would pay a pretty fair price if the fraud issue did not bother fake gibson . My computer is an Apple and is made in a Chinese factory which has been certified and inspected. But for in my case I do truly believe that the Tribute is equal to the Gibson LP Traditional, it's a stunning guitar. A new Gibson Les Paul will cost several thousand dollars, whereas an Epiphone Les Paul will be a fraction of that price. And also I'm more like on acoustic guitar which I bought just a while ago at the department store.

If the guitar damaged by shipper, you can return only.” In other words, you cannot return it unless it's broken by the shipping service. There are good, non-counterfiet guitars all day long out there, in the $400-$800 range that are built and play amazingly well. But now people are selling the DG 335 for US $ 8000 plus and Gibson wont make them again it is a good option. A long time ago (in the 20th century, actually) the electric guitar world was divided between Gibson and Fender designs. Through this link you will be able to find the guitar category sorted by number of sales. A decent hourly rate for a Chinese worker converts to approximately US $1.37 per hour.

It will still give you that sweet Les Paul base tone on which to layer your effects and EQs. The arrow in the fake Les Paul image on the left shows that the two screw truss-rod cover doesn't quite fit - the fact that the screw hole is mostly air is testament to that. I think if many Gibson players tried the Epiphone Les Paul Tribute their opinion would change somewhat. We will be discussing the practical aspects of Chinese law and how it impacts business there. The solution was to get a Tusq nut for an acoustic 12-string which had the correct string spacing, but was otherwise a bit too large.

Peter Wolf, Director of Sales and Marketing for Paul Reed Smith Guitars, says counterfeit guitars aren't cutting too deeply into PRS' sales because players interested in PRS guitars are very savvy, very educated buyers. I only own US, UK, or German made guitars and one Japanese Gretsch made in a factory Gretsch is happy to let photographers visit and take photographs. So I bought a Chinese Gibson Les Paul Replica the other day out of curiousity and lack of money for the real thing hoping that it will sound good. I'm not sure what the fuck is going on with the Gibson folks, but their quality has been shit for a while now - and they are charging an arm and a leg. At least Fender and Gibson give their imports a completely different brand name so you know what you are getting.

replica gibson guitars

The Gibson USA company decided to build guitars in China, and to use Chinese cheap (not so cheap now) labour. With the extra density and weight and better quality materials and electronics, the Gibson delivers more of that defining, gutsy bite for which players know and love the LP. When this is over I will send you a copy of the 4 page complaint, please print it and maybe someone else might benefit from my loss. And if the Chinese have anything to say about it, genuine manufacturers may be nearing the end as well. My personal opinion is that gibson is doing pretty much exactly that, only at Sam Ash instead of Craigslist and with guitars made at their korean plant rather than in china. Is just some people have been selling these on ebay and gumtree etc as the bonafide gibson les pauls. What I think is cool is the guitars can perform and with some mods could sound as good as a real Gibson.

So IMHO Gibson is either willingly or passively participating in at least some of this counterfeiting. As a project guitar”, I see it as a way for myself and the boyz (my name for my three sons) but especially the boyz, to learn about guitars. Importantly, it is not the case that the evidence available so far regarding Chinese relative clause processing is completely unclear. I know that the OP was asking about these specific rip-offs, which I can't comment on, but I wanted to give my +1 to the Agile guitars. We are talking about a considerable amount of money, so you have to follow a safety process to ensure the guitar you get is good. They are factory workers who build guitars on assembly lines and have not a clue how to fix any kind of serious problem.

As for conditions, I have extensive experience in the garment industry and 99% of Chinese garment factories would not be allowed to operate in my home country, they are downright dangerous. The Chinese players on a roster are fixed, which is why the import — the only piece that can be moved in-season — is usually the first casualty during a midseason swoon.

Chinese les paul, Chinese gibson, Chinese gibson les paul,Chinese gibson guitars I just don't see the importance of moralizing about intellectual property law on guitars that have been cloned for decades. And then if they sell that guitar they are being unethical, especially if they are trying to pass it off as legit. If you're angry that the previous case is taking too long, you should provide evidence that it can be done more efficiently. The guys who bought this are all guitar techs who work with nothing but top line, big money acts. I really hate to compare myself as an expert, but I know allmost everything about guitars, acoustic and electric. Unrelated, but I've got a Chinese copy of an EVH Stealth guitar that someone upgraded a few components in. Holds its own against the real thing. I was really pissed when I saw an image that they imprint a serial number and Made in the U.S.A.” on the back of the headstock! The dude said he had owned, worked on, and played lots of gibson LPs... even LPs more than 5 times the price.

You can see the grain on some guitars through the finish but that's it. You can look in the control cavity but that is usually painted and shielded anyway. One way to make this a little safer is to take the Gibson product code and serial number and call the Gibson toll free number right in the store and check them out. The EVH guitar I have made it $4,000.00 because Eddie is entitled to make a profit. I've seen Les Pauls with maple necks hidden under solid colour finishes that have been made from four or five jointed pieces of timber. A Chinese-language war film, The Bombing” allegedly has a $90-million budget, one of the largest ever in Chinese cinema. I now play this Alpine White, Gold Hardware Gibson Les Paul Studio 2016 Traditional it is my main axe.

chinese gibson les paul copies

The market is flooded of Chinese copies of well known and established guitar brands. I think there are a bunch of cork sniffers out there who hate the idea that a guitar made in China, that costs a fraction of the price, could be nearly 90% of the guitar they spent thousands on. However, at the price point of Gibson Studios and Traditionals, you can have a much higher quality instrument if purchasing another brand (see ESP/LTD and even the higher end Epiphones). He owns many vintage guitars but he takes great pleasure in making any guitar sound great. The goal is to create a smokescreen of false equivalence when, in fact, this is almost exclusively a problem caused by the Chinese - and China doesn't seem to have passed any laws or made any agreements related to this issue at all.

I was baffled and upset that there was a company making replicas that actually say GIBSON on them. Intending to purchase the advertised Les Paul Standard, Jonathan and his father visited the seller at his house, where they were persuaded instead to purchase a Wine Red Les Paul Custom, which the man said he'd bought off a traveling musician.

In general, Gibson chose a narrower string spacing at the bridge than Fender, and therefore the polepieces on Gibson humbuckers were closer together than the magnets on Fender pickups. I will buy an American made product 9 out of 10 times simply to support our workers.I have nothing against the other products, but I'd rather have one MiA guitar than 5 imports. This relationship has allowed us to develop and maintain a dedicated group of craftsman at our facility and as GQ has continued to expand and increase the range of models made within the facility the community has enjoyed growth as well. One thing these Chinese copy don't do is to have the neck binding go over the fret ends.

No, it's not perfect (still need to replace the electronics, tuners, and pickups), but it's a great guitar. The Gibson Zakk Wylde Camo Les Paul - retail of $4,699 and I got it for only $314 including shipping. I'm not an expert, but I thought I'd seen a Gibson SG of some sort made in China, recently. I've owned a couple of them, one black with chrome hardware and one white with gold hardware, and they were both awesome guitars.

These guys are selling the site as chinese gibson made in China cutting out the middle man. For the most part, every Gibson guitar made prior to 1953 has a serial number or factory-order number” (FON) located on either the neck block (inside the guitar), or a label (also inside the guitar).

gibson les paul clone

I grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan, two houses down from the Sweitzers Mr. Sweitzer worked at the local Gibson Guitar factory and he would arrive home from work each day at around 3:50 p.m. and his dinner was to be on the table by 4 p.m. Near as I could tell, it always was. By these numbers a company like Gibson would have to charge $40,000.00 to realize the same percentage of profit that they would make on the Jimi Page & Eric Clapton Models. The central insight from this analysis is that the data do not lead us to believe strongly in the object relative advantage; indeed, given the data, the probability of Chinese having a subject-relative advantage is approximately 78-80%.

The Chinese counterfeit quality is just so far away from the top quality of a genuine PRS guitar,” that very few PRS players would even think of using anything but a real PRS instrument. I saw a Chinese Les Paul copy by R. M. Olson being sold new for $195.00 from a importer that lives about 45 miles from me. I decided to buy one just to see how comparable the Chinese have come to the real deal. There are still tells that it's not real, but you would need an absolute expert to tell the difference and it would easily fool 90% of the people who shop at Guitar Center. I recently changed the pickups on my Epiphone Lucille to Parsons Street pickups #5408-GS sold by Stewart MacDonald () and it changed the sound to equal any guitar that I have ever owned. Producing its own domestic heroes will be vital to the success of Chinese football.

She graduated from CSTCM in the spring of 2015 with her Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The Chinese today are producing instruments in many different settings, ranging from small workshops specializing in handcrafted instruments on up to huge industrial complexes with the latest automated technology. Based in Hangzhou in the south of China, Guangsha is an unusual team by the standards of Chinese basketball. The one with the stamp could be a picture of an actual real Gibson USA, but the actual guitar just looks like that.

Shi said at the press conference that his responsibility is not only the movie itself but also to provide movie-goers top-level Hollywood resources, such as the knowledge of Mel Gibson, in order to introduce Chinese movies to the world. The way I see it, I'm paying for decent wood, the guitar style I want, the color I want, with a branding of my choosing. Just pop your email address in the box below to get cool guitar stuff straight to your inbox.

So I know it's a fake and I know I'm not going to get anywhere near the quality of a real Gibson but I was hoping to get what would be considered a high end Epiphone LP clone but take Epiphone out of the equation and save some $$$ at the same time. This is from a 2010 article on their ‘Green Blog'…it is not only the Chinese who covet the rich look of rosewood. They are inferior guitars with bad intonation/scale (if any) microphonic pickups and shitty fretwork and unstable truss rods. However,the Epiphone PRO series features the new ProBucker pickups, and these do an impressive job of narrowing the gap between Gibson and Epiphone. Together, and Wu design and Lin's contribution to the issue have the potential to clarify the question. Some guitarists upgrade their Epiphones and never think about Gibson ever again.
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